Lloyd B Fly and Abacus Woodlouse stood in the bath


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Lloyd B Fly

Funny but flawed, Lloyd is a young fly with plenty to prove. As a middle child of 451 Lloyd wants to stand out and to be recognised for his uniqueness. He thinks differently, has a creative streak and a tendency to exaggerate. Lloyd has a good heart but thinks he knows more than he does and hates being wrong. He’ll always make a problem worse before he comes up with the solution and if there is a lesson to be learned, he’ll learn it the hard way. He has a weakness for food, a fondness for fun, a love of comics (his favourite is Arachnofly) and a healthy fear of being eaten. Ultimately, all Lloyd wants from life is comfort, safety, respect and admiration. He can enjoy at least two of these things at home so that’s where he is happy to stay, even though his 225 older brothers and sisters moved out as soon as they pupated.

Where can I watch lloyd of the flies?

UK - Lloyd of the Flies is showing every weekday at 5pm on CITV, with repeats the following day at 7:30am. You can catch up with any episodes you've missed on ITVX.

Australia - Watch Lloyd of the Flies in Australia on ABC iview.

Germany - Watch Lloyd of the Flies (Floyd Fliege) in Germany on ZDFtivi.

Rest of World - look out for details coming soon!